Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Classes for this week

So I had my first Actor's Training session yesterday. It's what we'll do during class time for Shakespeare from now on until rehearsals in mid-Febuary. Basically, we do activities and play lots of fun games to help us learn how to act. Then we read through some of the play, with everyone speaking their parts. We read through Act I yesterday. It was interesting seeing everyone and their takes on their characters so far, but it's not my favorite act. For one, it's all a little monotonous, even though it's basically a back story of everything leading up to the action in the play. It's basically Prospero talking the whole time, which yay for me because I get to do the talking, but otherwise... boring :P but I'm sure it will turn out much more interesting than it seems to be right now! Plus we got our scripts for the play! We will be going over to my teacher's house to watch a version of 'The Tempest' this weekend.
In JA Finance Park we learned about balance and checking accounts and simple vs. compound interest and the like. All of it was really interesting, since I don't know very much about financial things - it was all pretty new to me. My presentation has been assigned to me. It will be next week - the first presentation of the semester, which, I suppose is what happens when your mom is the teacher! But anyways, it will be on how to make money. This is a fascinating topic to research, and to see everything that people have come up with for ideas on how to make money. I'll let you know how it goes; for now, though, I can't think of any good ideas for how to make it engaging to the audience!
Well, I'll post again next week after homeschooling classes, and maybe before then!