Friday, January 10, 2014

My part for The Tempest!

Hey everyone! So I know which part I will be for The Tempest! It is... Prospero! I got the lead! Which means, now that the rest of my homeschooling classes have started up too, I'm going to be BUSY, memorizing all those lines and doing my schoolwork.
What is a funny coincidence is that my sister got the role of Antonio, who is Prospero's evil brother. So we're siblings in the play, too!
I have been working on my presentation for my financial literacy class. It's on 'Taxes and the Constitution'. I haven't come up with any amazing ideas on how to present it yet, but... I'll get there. Still doing research!
Also, I've been asked to be on the decorating committee for our annual homeschooling family ball. We are theming it after the Civil War, since several students, including me, will be awarded their swords that night. It's going to be really fun, and I've already got lots of ideas!
I'll be having lots of things to do for my classes - practices for Shakespeare and homework for JA, but I'll try to post as often as I can.