Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First day of homeschooling classes

Hey everyone! Today I had my first homeschooling classes this semester - Junior Achievement and Shakespeare Conquest.
JA is my financial literacy class. Since today was just an orientation thing, we didn't do too much. But we played a game with candy that showed statistics on people's varying financial welfare situations throughout the United States. We also took an assessment so that we could show our mentor how much (or in my case, little) we knew about financing stuff. Plus, we got assignments for an opinion paper and reading assignment.
Shakespeare Conquest was pretty fun today. Since we had already been taking the class, it wasn't as much of an orientation as a transition from the learning-about-Shakespeare semester to the putting-on-a-Shakespeare-production semester. And we had auditions, which were a lot of fun! We performed the set piece as we wanted to first. Then we got a slip of paper giving us scenarios to act out with the words of the set piece - for instance, mine was 'be a weatherman', which, given the text and context of the set piece, ended up being quite humorous! The last part of auditions was with a group of myself and two other students (with the rest of the class likewise situated). We were given a bit of the script of The Tempest to act out. My group got quite a funny piece with drunken dudes in it. When we acted it for the class, they all laughed so hard! It was really enjoyable.
So I'm really looking forward to the rest of the semester for homeschooling classes, and I'll know what my part in the play is by next week!