Monday, January 6, 2014

Classes, classics, whatever

Classes are starting tomorrow! I have been practicing my set piece. I've had it memorized for a while - I just needed to get the right mood and acting and all the rest of that stuff. My sister Ryanna and I have been practicing that together. I really hope I get a good part! But I'll have to wait until Saturday or so to know that. :)
Meanwhile, you should go listen to some classical music. It helps you think.
Or read a classic book. Those help you think too.
Or even look at classical artwork. Those are thought-inspiring.
Or you can try to make something classical. That's the best.
By the way, I know when I'm getting my sword from Sword of Freedom class! It will be on the 24th of this month, at our homeschooling family ball, which I'm really excited for. The ball is going to be Civil War themed, so that will make it even cooler, since that's what Sword of Freedom was about.
Anyways, I'l post ASAP!